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It is thought that the name of Labin (Albona or Alvona as it was called in the ancient times) developed on the same place where, in prehistoric times, existed an old fortification that was built by the tribes Histri and Liburni

The very name of Labin was mentioned for the first time during the 2nd century BC in the works of antique writer Artemidor from Emphesus. 

After the fall of Roman Empire in 476 Labin changed rulers many times. Finally, Slavs and Avars came to this area during the 7th century and it seems that Labin was almost destroyed during their attacks. 

In the year 788 Franconians took over Labin and introduced feudal system. During that period Croatian tribes started coming to this area. After their rule, Labin was ruled by many and lastly, in 1208 the Church of Aquilea ruled the town 'till 1420 when Venice took over the town. 

Writer Marin Sanudo wrote an interesting remark about the town of Labin, he said that Labin is a town where "everybody speaks Croatian and streets are steep and dangerous but women are beautiful and like to go to church"!


History Labin


During the period of Venetian rule, many buildings were built in Labin ,and some of  them can still be seen. In general, that was the time of prosperity for Labin and its inhabitants. 

After Venetians, Labin was ruled by Austrians and after that by the French but during 1813 Austria regained its power and ruled Labin 'till 1918. During that period a mine was opened in Labin which presented local population with a source of much needed income. 

During the 1st and 2nd World Wars, Labin shared the same faith as the rest of Croatia. After the 2nd World War, Labin became the part of Yugoslavia and at the beggining of 1992 it became the part of the Republic of Croatia.

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